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There are several types of moves, from relocating to another state to carrying your stuff across the street to your new home. One type of move ranks above the rest in terms of complexity. This begs the question: What is a long distance move, and how much does it cost?

Defining a Long Distance Move
What defines a long distance move? Well, every mover defines it a little differently. For example, is moving from St. Louis to Collinsville, Illinois considered a long distance move? The move crosses state lines, but it covers no more than 20 miles.

Long distance moves are typically defined as moves covering more than 100 miles and crossing at least one state line. You might also hear long distance moves is referred to as interstate moves. The three options for relocating long distance are hiring a professional mover, renting a moving vehicle, or using your transportation to complete a long distance move. The cost of hiring a long distance moving company is much higher than the other two forms of long distance relocations.

Cost of a Long Distance Move
Organizing a long distance move can be a complicated process that requires a lot of thorough planning. One of the most critical elements of a pulling off a successful long distance move is to create a reasonable budget. Even the savviest movers can succumb to the temptation to go over what is in the long distance moving budget.

How much does it cost for a long distance move? We can give you a general idea, but you have to account for where you live and where you plan to move. The cost of living in the United States varies by region.

What You Can Expect to Spend
The cost of moving long distance into a one-bedroom apartment can run between about $900 to more than $4,400. Once again, the wide difference is because of different pick-up and drop-off areas of the United States. For instance, moving from New York to a one-bedroom apartment in San Diego can cost you between $2,586 and $2,863. You also have to factor in the type of long distance move you want to make. Performing a do it yourself relocation can save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

Here are additional costs you need to account for when making a long distance move:

  • Storage unit
  • Shuttle fee (Taxi, Uber, etc.)
  • Guaranteed delivery date for your stuff
  • Dedicated delivery
  • Insurance

A growing number of people that relocate long distances move some of their things into storage. Most storage companies reward loyalty by charging less for units that are reserved for more than one year. With the advent of temperature-controlled storage units, you can put items such as wine and plants inside of such units. The guaranteed delivery date for your stuff is an expense that is well worth paying if you are moving on a tight deadline. This is especially true for professionals that need to relocate for work within a short period.



Ways to Save on a Long Distance Move

Is it possible to relocate cross country and save money at the same time? After all, moves of any kind are expensive life events. Factor in distance and the amount of time it takes to relocate long distance, you can run up a pretty hefty moving bill.

With the American Moving and Storage Association estimating the average long distance move to cost around $4,300, it is not surprising to learn many people want to know how to save money on a move that takes them across several states.

Let us review a few helpful tips on ways to save on a long distance move.

Move during the Right Time of the Year
Although it is tempting to perform a long distance move during the warmer months of the year, the fact remains that movers in every moving niche charge more between the two summer bookend holidays. Yes, moving between Memorial Day and Labor Day will ramp up the cost of a long distance move. Why is this the case? The answer is demand is much higher for moving companies, as well as the vehicles and supplies offered by companies such as U-Haul.

It might squeeze your schedule to conduct a long distance move when the kids are back in school, but you can save a considerable amount of money moving long distance from around Thanksgiving to the start of the new year.

Use a Portable Moving Vessel
You have seen the large containers sitting in a neighbor’s driveway. The containers look like they have been dropped off from another galaxy. Truth is the containers secure the valuables shipped ahead of time by savvy homeowners and the renters of apartments. You reserve a large moving container well ahead of your moving date, pack the container with all your stuff, and then send it to your new home located hundreds of miles away. Typical costs for portable moving containers run from $2,000 to $3,000. Compare the cost of a portable moving container to the $4,000 to $6,000; you can expect to pay a long distance mover.

Free Supplies Rule the Day
They say nothing is free in life, but they must have forgotten about moving supplies.

Specifically, we are talking about the dozens of boxes you will need to complete a long distance move successfully. Why pay for moving boxes, when they sit near a dumpster begging someone to take them home. Visit local restaurants, grocery stores, and big-box electronics retailers on the days when the businesses receive the product. You want to visit the businesses on delivery days to be the first in line for acquiring free moving boxes. You can also find free moving supplies online by searching on Craigslist, which has a section called “Free.”

Do it Yourself
We have already discussed a form of do it yourself moving by referring to the widespread practice of using portable containers for completing long distance moves. What about performing a long distance move yourself, without reserving a large portable packing vessel. Well, you can rent a moving truck to cut costs, as well as rent a freight trailer to haul large items, such as a riding mower. Do it yourself also involves doing everything the professionals for a long distance moving company would do. This includes packing boxes, loading a moving truck, and unpacking your stuff when you arrive at your new home. A good idea involves recruiting friends and family members to help you relocate a long distance away.

Employer Reimbursement
Did you find a new job? Has your employer transferred you to another city? Many long distance moves are conducted because of employment reasons. Although most companies provide financial support for relocations caused by a career change, you might have to ask your employer to help with the cost of a long distance move. Even if your long distance move is not job-related, you should still try to save money by bringing your employer on board with a little financial help.

Before you buy the first supply, before you sign on the dotted contract line, and before you fill-up the moving truck with gas, you need to be on the prowl for discounts that will be one of the best ways to save on a long distance move.