There aren’t many life events bigger than a long distance move. That’s why Movers Near Me offers full service long distance moving and storage services that relieves all of the pressure so you can enjoy your new home — we handle the preparation of furniture, loading, driving, unloading, so you can concentrate on the bigger picture. With more than 20 years of long distance moving expertise, we’re here to help you every step of the way. Get a Long Distance Moving Quote from our long distance moving professionals today at 877-470-1247.

What is a long distance move?

Every company will define long distance moving differently, but it’s typically considered to be moving more than 100 miles and across state lines. Long-distance moves are also referred to as interstate moves. There are many different types of long distance moving companies to choose from depending on locations you are moving from and to, what you are moving and your budget.

What types of moving companies are there?

The three main options for long-distance moving are:

  • Full service. Includes preparation, packing, loading, unloading and transportation as well as insurance. Most full service moving companies will have options for packing, storage and other more intricate moving services.
  • Truck Rental. Includes use of the equipment for a certain number of days/miles – prices are usually very high for truck rental and gas is about 7mpg so if you are going over 150 miles this is not the most cost effective option
  • Drive Only. Includes transportation but does not provide insurance. You will not get any compensation for any damages, late shipments, etc.  Essentially you are hiring a driver.  

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How much does a long distance move cost?

Long Distance Moving Costs  are determined by a number of factors:

-distance you are moving from and to

-quality of moving company

-size of shipment

-additional fees (most should be avoided like shuttle fees and long haul)

-if you need packing

-your dates – very few long distance moving companies will offer guaranteed dates

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When will my shipment arrive?

Most traditional long distance moving companies average 10-14 days for delivery. You can expect to pay more for guaranteed dates or expedited shipments. Normally you can expect a day for every 500 miles you are going when using Movers Near Me which guarantees your shipment within 5 days anywhere in the 48 states.

Long Distance Moving Company Quotes

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